M-TEK (Pty) Ltd designs, develops, produces, maintains and supports electro-mechanical components and subsystems and therefore has to ensure and maintain that the appropriate resources are available at all time.

A specialised work force of approximately 60 people, including engineers, technicians, draughtsmen, assemblers, administrative personal and others are presently employed, using a wide variety of software packages and workshop integration tools.

  • Mechanical designs are done in SolidWorks, also using FEA as required.
  • Electronic designs are done in Altium.
  • Control as well as general software is written in C.
  • For simulation MatLab and VisSim is used.
  • A centralised in-house database is used for project management, which in conjunction with Pastel is used for the financial management.
  • Manufacturing data, including software is controlled from a central configuration department.
  • Electro-mechanical integration is done/preformed in well equipped open floor assembly areas. Examples of the equipment used are power supplies, oscilloscopes, multimeter’s, hand tools, measuring equipment, specialised jigs and tools,etc
  • M-TEK’s electro-plating plant provides specialised plating for slip ring assemblies.
  • Specialised environmental and EMC testing are done/preformed at Gerotek, ITC and others.